Cleansing Side Effects: Can a Colon Cleanse Cause Rectal Bleeding?


colon cleansing Colon cleansing is a great option for improving digestion and dealing with toxic buildup in the gastrointestinal tract. We live in a world that’s incredibly polluted.

Toxins can enter the body in a number of ways. Doing a cleanse every now and then is a good option for helping the organs responsible for eliminating the toxic buildup.

A colon cleanse targets the digestive tract, which is responsible for getting rid of lots of waste. The benefits of a colon cleanse are undoubted but are certain risks linked to giving this option a try? Some individuals may experience rectal bleeding, which is quite alarming. If this happens, it would be important to figure out whether the bleeding is caused by the cleanse or whether a medical condition is to blame.

Which Colon Cleanses Cause Rectal Bleeding?

colonic cleansingCertain types of colon cleanses are more likely than others to cause rectal bleeding. Strong herbs like cascara sagrada and senna are sometimes incorporated in the colon cleanses that the market has to offer.

These herbs are administered in high concentrations to improve the digestion and help for the more effective elimination of buildup.

Talking to a medical professional before getting this type of cleanse is essential. The herbs could cause various types of health problems like rectal bleeding, pain, liver problems and colon lesions.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms as a result of a colon cleanse, you should discontinue the procedure immediately. Go see your physician to assess your health and make sure that the bleeding isn’t caused by a serious gastrointestinal issue.

How to Recognize When Rectal Bleeding is Dangerous

The color of the blood will help you determine if something has gone really wrong or if you’re experiencing just a mild side effect. Bright red blood is usually not a sign of concern. It’s produced in the anal region rather than inside the digestive tract.

This bleeding will most frequently be caused by excessive strain to pass stool, especially if you have been constipated lately. A cleanse will make the gastrointestinal tract to eliminate more waste, which will potentially contribute to the appearance of tiny fissures in the anal region.

colorectal cancerBlood that has a darker, rusty color is usually coming from the colon or the small intestines. It could be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

Some of the problems that have this particular symptom include inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal infections and colorectal cancer.

Don’t get panicked immediately – the explanation could be simple and non-life threatening. A few basic medical exams will be needed to figure out what went wrong and why you’re experiencing bleeding.

Other Side Effects of a Colon Cleanse

Rectal bleeding is really uncommon, especially if you rely on juices and homemade recipes to do a colon cleanse. Most of the healthy individuals that choose the particular detoxifying option aren’t going to experience any side effects or risks.

A few small groups of people, however, may potentially deal with certain negative occurrences. These may be caused by the body’s enhanced attempts to get rid of toxins or by the particular type of colon cleansing method that has been chosen.

nutrientsOne of the biggest risks linked to giving colon cleansers a try is the fact that they can contribute to having minerals, vitamins and other useful nutrients washed away before absorption. ‘

The purpose of the cleanse is to help buildup and matter move faster through the digestive tract. When doing a cleanse, you should be prepared to lose some of the food’s nutritional value.

A colon cleanse may also make the body absorb larger quantities of water. Having more water absorbed in the intestine can result in a chemical imbalance. Some of its symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting.

Some of the commercial colon cleanses could contain ingredients that aren’t organic. Such ingredients may contain larger amounts of pesticides and nitrates. To reduce the risk of ingesting such substances, you should consider making your own colon cleansing drinks at home. Opt for clean and safe ingredients to make the most of the detox option without jeopardizing your health.

Can a Colon Cleanse Help You Overcome Rectal Bleeding

hemorrhoidsIt’s interesting to point out that some people have actually used a colon cleanse to get rid of a nasty symptom like rectal bleeding.

A colon cleanse can be beneficial if the bleeding is occurring in the anal region. This type of bleeding is most commonly produced by hemorrhoids and constipation.

The colon cleanse regulates and improves digestion. It makes it easier to pass stool without strain. Doing a colon cleanse on a regular basis can lead to the complete elimination of the problem and the healing of hemorrhoids without using medications or invasive procedures.

Talk to your doctor if a cleanse is making you feel bad or if it’s causing a strange symptom. Rectal bleeding should never be taken lightly. Though it may have a simple explanation, the symptom could also be indicative of something serious. The sooner you seek medical attention, the easier it’s going to be to find the ideal remedy.


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