Difference Between Laxative And Colon Cleanse


constipationMany people who suffer from constipation are not aware of products other than laxatives that are also effective at treating constipation and keeping them healthy.

Usually people choose laxatives out of habit as other products such as colon cleansers have become popular only in the last few years. There is a lot of difference between laxative and colon cleanse.

Laxatives only help in getting rid of constipation whereas colon cleansing products do a lot more in addition to getting rid of constipation.

Before starting with the major differences between colon cleanse and laxatives, let us take a look at how our body works and how toxins are removed from our body. There are a lot of good bacteria that live in the colon and these bacteria are called probiotics.

There are also a lot of bad bacteria inside the colon and it is necessary to maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria to ensure that the digestive system keeps working as it should and our body remains healthy.

Bad bacteria not only produce a lot of toxins but also disturb the pH level inside the colon that is harmful for the health of colon as it interferes with intestinal working. Normal pH level is necessary for absorption and digestion of nutrients. Inability to absorb various nutrients through food can also lead to bad health.

What Is The Difference Between Laxative And Colon Cleanse?

Laxatives work by softening the stool that helps the body in passing stool easily. They also relax the muscles that makes passing stool easier. Here are a few other features of common laxatives.Most of the laxatives available in the market contain a lot of harsh chemicals that are not meant for regular use.

constipationRegular use may lead to other issues.Most of the laxatives work on an emergency basis. Therefore, it is recommended to use these only when you are suffering from chronic constipation and are unable to relieve yourself.

Laxatives Are Also Known For Causing Abdominal Cramps.

It is true that laxatives help in clearing all the debris in the colon. However, they also take out good bacteria in addition to the bad bacteria which means that these disturb the normal working of the digestive system. If probiotics are not present in the colon, it may have bad effect on liver.Laxatives can also disturb the pH balance in the body that may affect the digestive system as well as absorption of various nutrients.

If our body is unable to absorb nutrients in adequate quantity, it may have a negative effect on the immune system.Laxatives only help the body in getting rid of waste in the colon. It does not remove the toxins present in the body.There have been cases where use of laxatives has led to electrolyte imbalance in the body due to dehydration.It is an established fact that regular use of laxatives may lead to anemia as well as malnutrition.

Also, regular use of laxatives can lead to weakening of the muscles which builds up dependency of the laxatives for passing stool. Therefore, it is recommended to use laxatives only in an emergency and when prescribed by your health provider.On the other hand, colon cleansers do a lot more than laxatives. These are designed for flushing out toxins in the body and keep us healthy.

colon cleanseIn addition to treating constipation, colon cleansers also increase energy levels, boost the immune system, and help in making digestive system stronger along with many other benefits.

Here are some other features of colon cleansers.Most of the colon cleansers available in the market are made up of many different ingredients. Therefore, these usually do not result in any abdominal cramps as other ingredients help in soothing the abdomen.

One of the biggest advantages of colon cleansers is that it only removes the bad bacteria from the colon. All of the good bacteria stay in the colon. In fact, it gives a boost to the probiotics in the colon.It works gently in the body which means that you do not always need to set near the restroom when you are using colon cleansers.These do not disturb the pH balance of the body.

Colon CleanseThese do not disturb the electrolyte balance in the body.Overall, colon cleansers are much better as compared to laxatives.

These do not build up dependency if used judiciously. On the other hand, laxatives should only be used in an emergency and only after consultation with your health provider.


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