How Often Should You Do A Colon Cleanse?


Why Should You Cleanse Your Colon?

cleansing colonA clogged colon can cause waste to remain in the body for days, weeks, months and sometimes for years, putrefying and poisoning the entire system.

The theory goes that most illnesses and disease can be caused when waste matter is not eliminated properly.

Examples of illnesses and disease cause of bad elimination include colds and flu, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, allergies and cancer with the seriousness of the disease corresponding directly with the level of toxicity. According to the US Health Service, 95% of Americans have clogged colons.

Poor quality food in excessive amounts combined with poor elimination can cause the colon to retain waste. The health of an individual with a clogged colon will begin to deteriorate as toxins are formed from waste leading to systemic intoxication.

Cleansing the colon will remove retained waste from the colon and toxins from the system which will lead to improved health. The proper function of the bowel is essential to help overcome disease and maintain good health. All other therapies and treatments will be ineffective if the bowel is not functioning properly.

When Do You Need a Colon Cleanse?

If you suffer from the following most common symptoms of a toxic system you will probably benefit by having a colon cleanse:

Skin Problems
Fatigue and low energy
Bad breath or body odor
Joint pains
Premature aging
Mental lethargy or poor memory
Bloating and gas
Poor blood circulation
Weight gain
Excessive Candida
Lymph congestion

How Often Should You Do a Colon Cleanse?

According to health practitioners, the colon should be cleansed as soon as it becomes constipated or the individual displays the common symptoms of toxicity listed above. Once the colon is clean, regular maintenance cleanses can be done to coincide with the changes of the seasons.

colon cleanseHowever, colon cleansing is a personal choice and as each person is different only you will know when you need to have it done and what maintenance schedule will suit you best.

Some individuals feel the need to cleanse daily or weekly while others do well on quarterly or semi-annual cleanses.

Colonic hydrotherapists recommend a series of cleanses, starting with once a month for several months until the system is clear and then a maintenance program that suits the individual.

Due to poor eating habits, medication, environmental pollutants and stressful lifestyles, it is recommended that a thorough cleanse is done as soon as you become constipated or feel ill, or at least quarterly.

Fasting Before or During Colon Cleanses

It is not necessary to fast, however, some people believe that colon cleansing will not be beneficial without fasting. This has not true and could undermine your efforts by devitalizing the body unnecessarily. Individuals who suffer from hypoglycemia should not fast while having colon cleansing.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing

losing weightYour skin will clear up and you will feel and look younger.
Headaches will vanish
Energy levels will increase
Aches, pains and stiffness will disappear
Weight will be lost.

Is it Safe?

If you decide to do a colon cleanse at home, you must accept the responsibility of monitoring your body’s response to a self treatment protocol. There are generally no direct side effects associated with colon cleansing whether colonic irrigation, personal bowel irrigation under sanitary conditions or professional colonics. However, colon cleansing will stir up toxic waste which may trigger a healing crisis when it is released.

As toxins that lay dormant I layers of mucous in the colon are flushed out, small amounts are sometimes reabsorbed by the body which may cause symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness or flu-like symptoms. When this happens, it is often an indication that additional treatments are needed.

Another important factor when having a colon cleanse is the electrolyte balance of the bowel and it is recommended that an acidophilus culture is taken afterwards to maintain a healthy gut.

Colon Cleansing or Bowel Irrigation Versus Colonic Irrigation

colon cleaneColonics should only be administered by a professional colon hydrotherapist. Colon cleansing or bowel irrigation can be done at home using a special colonic cleanse kit.

A bowel irrigation kit works by gravity flow without the use of pumps and no supervision or special skills are required. Colon hydrotherapy should be done in a series of at least five treatments once a month. When self treating it is important to ensure that all equipment is disinfected and the water is pure.

If you decide to have a colonic irrigation, find a hydrotherapist in your area who will administer the colonic treatment using a pump-generated process. The success of colonics depends on a large scale on the expertise of the hydrotherapy technician.

Who is meticulous about proper hygiene and disinfection and uses only disposable autoclaves or tips. Colonic sessions can be expensive, but it is worth it to have the treatment done under the supervision of a professional colonic hydrothrapist.


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