Bowel Cleanse Review

Bowel Cleanse

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Have some reading material picked out, because consumers who tried Bowel Cleanse spent a lot of time on the toilet. That's typical of most laxatives, and that's Bowel Cleanse defined. As far as the benefits of colon cleansing with this product are concerned, well, there are none.

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Bowel Cleanse is Another Laxative

Yup, another laxative packaged up and marketed to you in the form of a colon cleanse. Yup, it’s a capsule that the good people at Renew Life promise will rid your body of excess build up and parasites. And yes, it’s missing key laxatives like psyllium. Oh glorious day.

Bowel CleanseWhy am I and the consumers who submit their reviews so jaded with products like Bowel Cleanse? Because a true cleanse is immensely beneficial to your body and your mind. It’s not just about reducing digestion problems, though that’s a benefit. It’s not just an effective way to slim down, and ideally, keep the weight off, though you may do that as well…

We’re jaded because a colon cleanse – true colon cleansing – is a fresh start for your body. It is not, as we’ve seen so many times, a laxative. And it’s certainly not a laxative that a respected company like Renew Life should re-brand and pass off as a cleanse.

If you’ve been heavier lately, despite your best efforts to eat well and to exercise regularly, your extra poundage may be the result of toxic build-up in your colon. Sometimes, we store many pounds of impacted feces in our colons, and this storage leads to a puffy midsection and bigger numbers on the bathroom scale. By choosing a good colon cleanse, and ideally one that’s a full system, you’ll sweep away excess waste and feel lighter, sexier and more energized.

More than that, a top-rated colon cleanse is actually a potent beauty aid, as well as being a powerful health tonic. After all, toxins and parasites in impacted waste often lead to dull skin, acne breakouts, and flat, dry eyes. By ridding yourself of these toxins and parasites, you’ll purify your entire body, and it will show on your face. Shiny eyes, glowing skin and a slimmer physique will be your rewards for undergoing a true cleanse that nourishes your body.

But Bowel Cleanse is a laxative. And though it may have you sitting on the toilet, none of the customers who tried the product and spoke of their experience saw any of these benefits.

Bowel Cleanse Review

Consumer Rating: 5.0/10 Customer Service: Terrible
Efficacy: Terrible Cost: $17.09
Safety: Poor Guarantee: 60 Days
Company Reputation: Terrible Buy it?: No

Bowel Cleanse Product Overview

Bowel Cleanse is a natural laxative. Another capsule with no separate fiber or probiotic supplement and certainly without ongoing digestion support. This is a laxative, pure and simple.

Ingredients Review

Bowel Cleanse is missing Psyllium Husk, though there are a few respectable natural ingredients that should help with bowel movements. Flaxseed, for example, can make things more gentle in this regard.

In addition, Bowel Cleanse features Oat Bran and Acacia Fiber. These fibers are soluble fibers, and this means that they expand to bulk up bowel movements. These can reduce diarrhea.

Notably missing are strains of probiotics, ie the ‘friendly bacteria’ that ensure balance in the gut and eliminate strains of harmful bacteria like salmonella and E coli. There’s none of that here, but that’s not what Bowel Cleanse does. This is a laxative, so s*#t or get off the pot.

Dosage Review

For more laxative fun than you can handle, take five capsules in the morning, and be certain to stay hydrated during the day. Drinking six to eight glasses of pure water is highly recommended. The water that you drink will help the soluble fiber in Bowel Cleanse to bulk up as much as possible. This bulk will have you on the toilet in no time.

The company says you can take an additional five capsules in the evening. The formula is natural so you can adjust the dosage to your needs.


A bottle of Bowel Cleanse retails for $17.09. You may also be able to find deals where you may order multiple bottles for a low rate.


You’ve got 60 days to use this laxative and return it in favor of a true colon cleanse product that will give you the fresh start that a colon cleanse should provide.

My Personal Recommendation:

Want a few bowel movements? You may get them with Bowel Cleanse. Want the full colon cleanse experience and the benefits of it, like a flatter stomach, fewer digestion problems, more energy and better skin? You ain’t gonna get that simply by sitting on the toilet, like you will with this laxative, er, pardon me, ‘colon cleanse’. Bowel Cleanse

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