Colon Flow Colon Cleanser Review

Colon Flow

Price: $39.99

A laxative with a 30 day guarantee pretty much sums up the experiences most consumers had with Colon Flow.

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Colon Flow Colon Cleanser

More Like a Laxative, Not a Magic Pill

Sigh. Yet another colon cleanse product that recognizes that many consumers have digestion problems like IBS and constipation and wants to profit off the toxins that may be clogging up your colon and digestion.

By now you know that you can lose weight when you perform a colon cleanse and thus get rid of the feces and toxins that accumulate within you. After all, the excess waste that is stored in your intestinal tract and colon may weigh twenty pounds or more. Sometimes, people are completely flabbergasted to discover how much less they weigh after using an effective colon cleanse that assists with weight loss in a sustainable manner.

Now read that last part again – “an effective colon cleanse”. Despite claims from often unscrupulous products, like Colon Flow, there is no magic pill that will magically help you shed pounds and keep them off. If you’re sold on colon cleansing for its weight loss benefits, go into it with realistic expectations. Choose a two, or even three part colon cleanse system with a probiotic supplement and ideally with chia.

Don’t do it with Colon Flow. Actually, you can’t do it with Colon Flow, because as the consumers who submitted their experiences indicate, the only guarantee with this colon cleanse pill is that you’ll be hunched on the toilet.

It is possible to feel great again…all that you need to do to make this happen is get your hands on a two or three part natural colon cleanse system. Review our top-rated colon cleansers for a clear picture how to do that.

Colon Flow Colon Cleanser Review

Consumer Rating: 6.5/10 Customer Service: Below Average
Efficacy: Average Cost: $39.99
Safety: Below Average Guarantee: 30 Days
Company Reputation: Below Average Buy it?: No

Colon Flow Colon Cleanser Product Overview

Colon FlowColon Flow is a capsule of natural ingredients. You’ll find the best-known natural laxatives in this capsule, including Psyllium Seed and Husk, Slippery Elm, Ginger and Apple Seed Pectin. They’ve thrown some probiotics in the capsule for good measure.

If you’re currently experiencing very few bowel movements, you just found a natural laxative. Colon Flow can help you excrete the feces that often accumulate and build up within the colon. You’ll certainly feel better. Temporarily at least.

And then what? Well nothing, actually. Colon Cleanse doesn’t provide anything other than a few natural laxatives. Missing is a probiotic supplement to establish balance of microflora in the gut. Absent is a digestion supplement for ongoing health of your GI tract. There’s no chia, no probiotic supplement. Heck, some colon cleanse products at least throw in some tea for good measure. Not with Colon Flow. Once you’ve excreted, you’ve had your fun.

The colon and its condition play a key role in your health. To maintain optimum function of your GI tract, lose excess pounds and achieve the full benefits of a colon cleanse you need more than just laxatives. And “a laxative” is pretty much the only way to describe Colon Flow.

Ingredients Review

There are both probiotics and natural laxatives within the capsule. Ideally they’d be separate, but some is better than nothing. Those natural laxatives? Psyllium Husk, Psyllium Elm, Garlic, Cayenne and several others.

Dosage Review

Take the product according to the package directions; your colon cleanse should last for one week. You may feel free to use smaller amounts of the product after the initial cleanse is complete, however, be sure to take breaks of seven days between each full colon cleanse.


You’ll have to enter your credit card information to learn this, but a bottle of 60 capsules will set you back $39.99.


Another sticking point with Colon Flow is a relatively short guarantee, at just 30 days. Since it takes much less time than that to have a few bowel movements, however, this might be enough time to return Colon Flow and try a better, more comprehensive colon cleanse system that produces tangible results, like healthy weight management.

My Personal Recommendation:

This depends. If you’re fine with spending $39.99 for a laxative, then go for it. If you’re looking for the full benefits of colon cleansing, like sustainable weight loss, better nutrient absorption, great skin and more energy (and fewer digestion problems of course!) then avoid Colon Flow and choose a two or three part colon cleanse system with chia.Colon Flow Colon Cleanser

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