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Is Colonix a 30 day or 90 day cleanse? The company didn't provide answers with this common question, and the lack of probiotics didn't help either. Get the facts and you might skip Colonix Colon Cleanser.

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It’s Hard to Tell What You’re Getting

Your health is important, and many holistic therapists and medical doctors believe that good health starts in the colon. When this area of the human body gets clogged with impacted fecal matter, a variety of serious illnesses, such as Leaky Gut Syndrome or colon cancers, may result.

If you’re feeling a little under the weather and you’re experiencing unpleasant health issues related to indigestion, (such as constipation, headaches, fatigue, mental fog, gas and bloating) you should know that help is out there. But while many consumers turn to Dr Natura Colonix Colon Cleanser, it’s missing two essential pieces that some clients just can’t ignore.

Credit should be given to Colonix; unlike many colon cleanse products, this one doesn’t hop on the rapid weight loss bandwagon. The product is offered in a much more professional manner, and it’s a three part system.

But without probiotics, there’s not much in Colonix to ensure balance of microflora within the gut. There’s no chia, either. The company offers Colonix with an herbal supplement and fiber and tea. That’s a huge mistake, coming from a company so well-established as Dr Natura, because herbs, as beneficial as they might be, don’t fill in the nutritional deficiencies sometimes experienced with colon cleansing products.

Colonix Review

Consumer Rating: 6.5/10 Customer Service: Average
Efficacy: Poor Cost: $85
Safety: Below Average Guarantee: 60 Days
Company Reputation: Average Buy it?: No

Colonix Product Overview

Created in the late 1990s, the company claims that Colonix has sold more than two million kits.

ColonixTo shed some light on the products offered by Dr. Natura, Colonix is the 90 day cleanse system. You can also do a 60 or 30 day cleanse with Dr Natura using parts of the Colonix program or another product, Toxinout. The company encourages first timers to start with a 30 day cleanse, but it’s confusing as to which supplements you’re getting with each system, and whether they’re the same ones re-packaged.

Dr Natura does offer probiotics, with its Flora Protect supplement, but they’re not included in the 90 day Colonix cleanse system.

Colonix features client testimonials on is website. And indeed, there were consumer reports of people who used Colonix and experienced a slimmer figure, more energy, and some of the benefits linked to colon cleansing.

But for each of those featured on its website, there were just as many reports coming into this website of clients who didn’t feel refreshed or renewed with Colonix. And there’s that gaping hole in its program, with no probiotic supplement offered as part of the Colonix cleanse. There’s no chia either, and without this beneficial digestion supplement from such a well-established company, Colonix Colon Cleanse loses more than a few points.

Ingredients Review

Dr Natura uses the basics of natural colon cleansing, with Psyllium Husk, Flax Seed, Slippery Elm and herbals like Peppermint and Cinnamon. Again, they’re unclear whether the 30 day cleanse is a combination of fiber, herbal and tea supplements in its 90 day system.

Dosage Review

This varies according to the program you’re taking, but for the 90 day cleanse, it’s a three part system of the herbal capsule accompanied with the fiber supplement both in the morning and the tea before bed. You should aim to drink eight glasses of water throughout the day.


You can buy the 90 day cleanse online for $85. Discount packaging is available, though you’ll pay for shipping.


Colonix and Dr Natura products come with a 60 day money-back guarantee. Not great, not terrible.

My Personal Recommendation:

Consumers didn’t like the lack of transparency regarding what was included in the 30 day cleanse and if it was indeed a separate supplement or something from the 90 day system. Not having probiotics in the 90 day cleanse is simply an excuse to charge you more money and that didn’t fly either. Ultimately, more clients were dissatisfied with Dr Natura Colonix than liked it. The seventh best colon cleanser.Colonix

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