Digestit Colon Cleanser Review


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Has anyone every claimed you could double your money in the stock market with no risk involved? Digestit Colon Cleanser is kinda like that, with promises of rapid weight loss achieved painlessly and done with the convenience of a single capsule. But there may be more risk to Digestit than some consumers are willing to take.

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Digestit Colon Cleanser

Fast, Affordable and Questionable

The makers of Digestit Colon Cleanser would like you to believe that good things come in a hurry. Just pop a pill several times a day and anywhere from ten to fifteen pounds will vanish in less than a week. Is this possible? Perhaps. Is it safe? Different story.

Very often, digestive problems are at the root of unexplained weight gain. After all, if your colon is impacted with waste, you’re carrying around plenty of extra poundage for no good reason, and this excess waste contains so many parasites and toxins that are very harmful to your general health.

It’s also true that lack of regular bowel movement patterns may be responsible for pounds of waste right inside of your intestine and colon. Without getting rid of this unhealthy build-up, you may not shed the weight and never experience truly optimum health. Digestit can help you lose weight in a hurry, but that’s not always safe…

Promises of Rapid Weight Loss…

Some customers did in fact drop weight quickly with Digestit. You can order Digestit online, from the comfort and privacy of your own home, so no one has to know your new weight loss and beauty secret. But if you’re concerned about the health issues with rapid weight loss, you might want to try a slower cleanse.

The product is marketed as being gentle and natural, with rapid weight loss and achieved without any undue discomfort. Consider this a red flag, because as anyone who’s lost much weight will tell you, it’s a heck of a lot more difficult to shed than it is to put on. And rapid weight loss is linked to a variety of kidney and metabolic problems.

If you want to lose weight via the colon cleanse routine, you’re better off doing it with a slower cleanse, over a ten day period. That will give your body more time to adjust to the rigors of the colon cleansing and should help you ensure that the pounds you lose stay off once the cleanse is over.

Digestit Colon Cleanser Review

Consumer Rating: 7.5/10 Customer Service: Good
Efficacy: Above Average Cost: $49.99
Safety: Average Guarantee: 90 Days
Company Reputation: Above Average Buy it?: Maybe

Digestit Colon Cleanser Product Overview

DigestitThis product is available in a supplement formula, so getting started with your Digest Colon Cleanse is relatively straight forward. With probiotics that balance your digestive system from the inside out, Digestit Colon cleanser targets bad bacteria and replaces it with the good bacteria that you need to be healthy.

While this product corrects digestive problems through its unique probiotic formula, it also adds soluble fiber to your system. This soluble fiber expands in the colon, allowing you to enjoy faster, easier bowel movements. Fiber expansion also helps to clear away impacted waste that may have been causing unwanted weight gain. By provoking more frequent bowel movements, this product may help you to excrete pound after pound of impacted waste.

Ingredients Review

Probiotics and healthy soluble fibers are both present in Digestit’s colon cleansing formula. In addition, beneficial botanicals are used to improve digestive health. By sourcing out the right herbs and natural additives, the makers of Digestit have created a good formula that should assist with weight loss and promote digestive health, though, as we’ve seen, rapid weight loss is rarely healthy,

Digestit does get points for cramming many natural products in a convenient capsule, however.

Dosage Review

Take two capsules per day to get the results that you need. Always follow all directions that come with your Digestit colon cleanse product.


You may purchase a bottle of Digestit for only $49.99. One bottle will provide a month’s worth of colon cleansing power. The company also offers savings when you place orders for multiple bottles, so buying more of the product to keep on hand will make good financial sense.


The makers of Digestit offer a money-back guarantee. Simply return the product for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges.

My Personal Recommendation:

Digestit is an all-natural formula, which is good, and it comes with probiotics. Many clients looking for a healthy colon cleanser stayed away from Digestit on the basis of those promises of quick and easy weight loss. All good things to those who wait and work for it, not to those who expect a magic pill to painlessly shed those extra ten or fifteen pounds. Your call, but most consumers prefer safe and steady over fast and risky.Digestit Colon Cleanser

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