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What's the difference between baking powder and Oxy-Powder? Baking powder won't cost you $24.95 and you can actually use it.

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There’s Something Wrong With It

Another lose-weight-fast colon cleanse pill that will magically help you shed weight, solve your digestion issues including constipation and diarrhea, give you more energy and even boost your immune system.

All done with a powder that doesn’t even have a natural laxative in its formula, to say nothing about what you need for ongoing digestive health or probiotics! Pretty cool huh?

Some people store up to thirty pounds of excess waste in their colons, and this impacted feces is definitely not healthy. If you’re not feeling well and you can’t find a specific reason why you’re suffering from indigestion and general malaise, a clogged colon may be the problem. People who’ve taken the plunge and decided to do their first colon cleanses are often amazed by how different they look and feel afterwards. Oxy-Powder, though, ain’t gonna do it.

Why do companies do this? Because they know that if you do a colon cleanse with a safe and effective system you’ll feel utterly revitalized. If your tummy was looking a little distended and puffy before your cleanse, you may find it’s flatter when you’re finished.

To do that, however, you need to use a colon cleanser that works. Ideally it’s a system, not a single capsule, of fiber, probiotics and a dietary supplement with chia. Does it have all three? You got a winner.

You’re fighting a losing battle with Oxy-Powder; whose makers believe that a powder packed into a single capsule that will transform your colon from sluggish to super-charged. While you can cleanse your colon and enjoy the many health benefits of doing so, that’s not gonna happen with a magic powder.

Oxy-Powder Review

Consumer Rating: 6.0/10 Customer Service: Poor
Efficacy: Poor Cost: $24.95
Safety: Below Average Guarantee: 90 Days
Company Reputation: Poor Buy it?: No

Oxy-Powder Product Overview

Oxy-PowderIf your colon is packed with mucous, toxins and parasites, it’s really no wonder that you’re feeling a little (or more than a little) under the weather. That’s why a colon cleanse is so beneficial; it’s a comprehensive therapy for your body and mind and one that really needs a two or three part system to do it justice. You want probiotics and fiber, plus an ongoing digestion supplement like chia.

You do not want a powder packaged up and proffered to you in a single capsule.

And even though a colon cleanse is more than just a series of laxatives, you do at least need proven natural ingredients like Psyllium Husk and Psyllium Seed, Apple Pectin and Slipper Elm. Any of that in Oxy-Powder? Nope.

Rather than natural ingredients that would actually revitalize your colon, Oxy-Powder uses Ozonated Magnesium Oxide, Citric Acid and Germanium-132. Though it does well for originality, none of the consumer reports from folks who tried Oxy-Powder say it does anything related to colon cleansing. The constipation remained, extra pounds stayed on and bloating remained a problem.

Oxy-Powder does have an impressive 90 day money-back guarantee, however, so if you hurry up you still might be able to trade up for a better colon cleanse product.

Ingredients Review

Ozonated Magnesium Oxides, Natural Citric Acid and Organic Germanium. Does this look like the makings of an effective colon cleanser.?You’d have better luck with baking soda. At the very least, there should be some Psyllium Husk in the formula. Probiotics? Funny…

Dosage Review

Two capsules a day. Easy to follow and, as we’ve discussed, sorely lacking of anything that will help you shed excess pounds. But, admittedly, it’s easy to follow


A 60-capsule, one-month supply of Oxy-Powder will cost $24.95. Go for the larger, 120-capsule bottle and you’ll be parting with $44.95.


One of the few redeeming merits of Oxy-Powder is a solid 90 day money-back guarantee. Ok, that’s nice, we admit.

My Personal Recommendation:

If you think for a moment that a powder with no proven natural laxatives and packed into a capsule taken twice a day will cure your digestion problems, help you lose a few pounds and give you better skin, it’s time to leave this page and review a colon cleanse system that delivers these promises. It’s a system, first of all, and it has probiotics, chia and an extensive list of satisfied clients. Oxy-Powder has none of these, and the results, as you’d expect, are non-existent.Oxy-Powder

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